About Us

Poteet Country Winery opened it's doors July 4th 1998 as one of the first 50 wineries to register in Texas. The winery was started in hopes of using the most out of the delectable Poteet strawberries when sales were too slow to keep up with the amount of strawberries ripening. Poteet strawberries are known far and wide for their taste and sweetness which is due to the combination of the perfect soil, water and weather conditions. Jim Collums and his family had been growing strawberries on their ranch and transformed his family dairy building to accommodate a commercial winery. Today the winery is still in the original location and continues the traditions of making the best wine out of the local grown fruit. 

We have made a great effort into keeping the shipping and handling costs for the wine to be as minimal as possible and recommend ordering minimum 2 bottles to get best value.

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Locally Grown Everything

Absolutely none of the fruits we use in any of our wines are from outside of Texas!

Jim Collums Windmill Restoration.

Jim has been working on windmills long before he made a bottle of Strawberry Wine! Since then he has traveled far and wide fixing them. Today these some of these windmills seen in this photo are being restored one final time to be removed and placed in a new museum opening in Pleasanton, Texas.